Week of September 23, 2013

This Week in AP Physics
We will complete unit 2 by doing homework problems for Tuesday and a projectiles lab on Monday/Wednesday. Please remember that your lab report for the gravitational acceleration lab is also due on Tuesday and should be uploaded to TurnItIn.com by Wednesday at 3:00. Our unit 2 test will be Wednesday or Thursday. By Friday we will begin our examination of Newton’s Laws of Motion in unit 3.

This Week in Physics
Third period and sixth period are out of synch, so watch for me to announce due dates in class. By the end of the week we will complete the following: Assignment 4, homework (notes) on the remaining three podcasts (Podcast 9 – Introduction to Free FallPodcast 10 – Free Fall Sample Problems, and  Podcast 11 – Terminal Velocity),  Assignment 5, and our unit 1 test. For the start of unit 2 you will need to take notes on Podcast 1 – Vectors vs. Scalars and Motion in Two Dimensions Podcast 2 – Vector Diagrams when announced.

This Week in Astronomy
It’s show time! Late this week we will take our unit 1 test, but first we will explore how the sky’s appearance changes over the course of a year. Podcast 4 – Seasonal Constellations and Star Magnitude will support your learning. We will finish up the unit by exploring star magnitude. On Thursday Astronomy Unit 1 – Homework Questions are due. In addition, now that you’ve got some awesome knowledge under your belt, it’s time to check out the REAL sky and do the Unit 1 – Outdoor Lab. You need a clear night and some free time, so plan ahead. This is due on October 4. Late this week we will begin unit 2 in which we’ll turn our attention from the night sky to the day sky. 🙂

Cool Science of the Week
Have you ever wanted to fly on the back of a giant bird (or dragon :))? Then check out this beautiful video from the point of view of a small camera mounted to the back of a bald eagle.

Note: There is no information about how the video was made, although it is speculated that the man on the ground in the video is the bird’s professional handler.