Week of March 2, 2015

It’s MARCH!!! YES!!! Goodbye, horribly cold February!!!

This Week in AP Physics
It’s electrostatics time! We’ll start the week by examining the nature of charge, methods of charging, and electric force. This will include an awesome lab and homework 1. Next we’ll take a look at electric fields, which will eventually lead us to another awesome lab (one of my favorites of the entire year) and homework 2. That’s probably going to spill into next week unless we suddenly become extra extreme ninjas. Final note: Your behavior of gases lab is due at the start of class on Tuesday with an upload to TurnItIn.com by 3:00.

This Week in Physics
Sixth and tenth period are at different places, but we will all catch up to ourselves to take the unit six test by Friday.
Sixth period: On Monday we will take a quiz over circular motion and will then discuss gravity, center of mass, and planetary orbits. Don’t worry about taking notes from podcasts over the weekend. We’ll do everything in class and then will work on assignment 2. Expect a cool virtual lab, as well.
Tenth period: On Monday we’ll wrap up both the circular motion lab and assignment 1. On Tuesday we’ll take a quiz over circular motion. Also for Tuesday, please take notes on Podcast 5 – Gravity and Podcast 6 – Center of Mass, Gravity, and Planetary Orbits. We’ll spend Tuesday through Thursday debriefing these and doing assignment 2. Final note: For those of you writing the formal lab report, the report will be due on Tuesday, March 10 (hardcopy due at the start of class, upload to TurnItIn.com by 3:00)

This Week in Astronomy
Having totally mastered the stars we see at night, we’ll turn our attention to our day star, our very own sun. We’ll start the week by analyzing data of the position of the sun at different dates in order to figure out how the sun’s position changes annually. We’ll then extend that understanding to analyze how the sun’s position changes annually at different latitudes. Finally we’ll examine why this happens and relate it to climate. This is a pretty quick unit, so the test should be next week. Remember to keep working on your first outdoor lab, which is due next Friday, March 13. (See last week’s blog entry for details.)

Cold Science of the Week
As of this writing (on Friday, February 27,) Cleveland is poised to set (on Saturday) a new all-time record for “being horribly cold” over the entire month of February. (Today we tied the old record set way back in 1885!) Why? Well, it’s the Siberian Express, of course! (Note: Not as awesome as the Polar Express) The Siberian Express is a name given to a cold air mass that originates in Siberia that has bypassed the North Pole and wound its way down through Canada and into our own back yard. This photo from The Weather Channel gives you an idea of why the very air itself makes you feel like you are being slapped with giant ice cubes. But, hey, the official start of spring is only three weeks away. We can make it, right?
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