Week of April 13, 2015

We’re in the final stretch! Keep going strong! 🙂

This Week in AP Physics
On Tuesday homework 1 from our magnetism unit will be due. Expect us to finish the magnetism notes and homeworks by the following Monday. Due on Wednesday: Please watch Podcast 1 – The Nature of Light from unit 16. You should fill out your guided notes including the example problems and do homework 1 by Wednesday. When you do homework 1, please do it right in the guided notes packet in the space provided.

This Week in Physics
6th period: On Monday and Tuesday we will go through electric potential energy, electric potential, and assignment 4. You’ll be ready for the electrostatics unit test by Tuesday or Wednesday. During the rest of the week we’ll start working through electric circuits. The lab report for your Electric Fields Lab is due on Friday, April 17, with the hard copy due at the start of class and the upload to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 of that day.
10th period: On Monday we’ll begin to work through electric potential energy and electric potential and will possibly get to assignment 4. On Tuesday we will do the Electric Fields Lab. The lab report for this lab is due on Tuesday, April 21, with the hard copy due at the start of class and the upload to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 of that day. We will take the electrostatics unit test on Wednesday or Thursday and will then begin electric circuits. Due the day that we start electric circuits, please take notes on Podcast 1 – Circuits and Current and Podcast 2 – Resistance and Ohm’s Law.

This Week in Astronomy
Eclipses! These are super cool…We’ll spend the week exploring the mechanism of solar eclipses and what they look like. Very fun! Remember to continue working on your long-term outdoor lab for unit 2, which is due on April 13. (Be careful! Sometimes people will do the unit 3 lab, but it is the unit 2 lab that is due on April 13.) In addition, you’re now ready to begin the moon outdoor lab for unit 3. Feel free to get started on it. It takes several weeks and will be due on Friday, May 1.

Cool Science of the Week
Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine…science fiction or possible science fact? Until this week, scientists believed only uninhabitable gas planets could orbit binary stars systems, which are systems of two stars that orbit each other. However, just this week researchers from the University of Utah announced that their mathematical models predict that rocky, habitable planets orbiting binary stars are not only possible but are most likely widespread. Imagine life with two suns!