Week of April 27, 2015

Guess what Friday is…MAY!!!

This Week in AP Physics
For Monday please take notes and do the assignment associated with Unit 16 Podcast 4. Also for Monday please do Unit 13 Homework 4. (It’s short.) On Monday we will go over these and will begin to cover physical and geometric optics (very short units 14 and 15.) There are two very short homeworks associated with unit 14 and one medium-length homework for unit 15. If possible we’ll do some of those during class time to lighten your load. Unit 16 Podcast 5 is due on Thursday. With the rest of our time, into next week, we will review and try to relax a bit! To see the AP exam schedule, you can click here. Our AP Physics 1 test is at noon on Wednesday, May 6th, and our AP Physics 2 test is at noon on Thursday, May 7th. Be sure to come get some pancakes from Momma Burgess during 4th/5th on those days!

This Week in Physics
(Sixth period, your schedule is different from the one below but will follow the same topics. Tune in during class to find out what’s expected of you and what your due dates are. However, you DO have the quiz described below on Monday.) On Monday we will take a quiz over the introductory topics related to electric circuits. Then we will complete an activity to analyze the behavior of a type of circuit called series circuits. For Tuesday please take notes on Podcast 3 – Series Circuits and Podcast 4 – Series Circuits Sample Problem. We will go over these in class and will then do assignment 2 followed by a quiz on the day after we finish the assignment. Next we will do another experiment to analyze the behavior of a different type of circuit. You will need to take notes on Podcast 5 – Parallel Circuits and Podcast 6 – Parallel Circuits Sample Problem for the day after we complete that activity.

This Week in Astronomy
On Monday we will take our eclipse unit test. Please do the eclipse homework as review. These are due at the start of class before the test. Be sure to check out the podcasts on our webpage for the unit if you need some extra review. Next up we’ll explore the universe in all of its depth! Finally, remember that your moon unit outdoor lab is due this Friday.

Cool Science of the Week
A volcano, dormant for 43 years, suddenly erupted this week in Chile. Check out the Calbuco volcano‘s beautiful display.