Week of May 4, 2015

There are only THREE more full weeks of school before exams…Can you believe it? Senior exams start on May 26, and junior exams start on May 29th.

This Week in AP Physics
It’s GO TIME!!! You each have a lot to be proud of. You’ve worked very hard all year. Now it’s time to finish strong! I’ve sent you all an email with the Google Voice number that I use for professional purposes. If you’re stuck on anything, you can text me there, and I’ll get back to you asap. On Monday and Tuesday we’ll simply review. In addition, on Monday and Tuesday after school we can stay and review until about 4:00 or 4:30. For the full AP exam schedule, click here.

This Week in Physics
We will finish going over the information on parallel circuits from Podcast 5 – Parallel Circuits and Podcast 6 – Parallel Circuits Sample Problem, which we started going over on Friday. Next we will complete assignment 3, which covers parallel circuits. On the day after we finish that assignment, please take notes on Podcast 7 – Compound Circuits and also prepare for a quiz over parallel circuits. Finally, when instructed, please take notes on Podcast 8 – Electric Power and Podcast 9 – Circuit Safety Features. We’ll discuss these, complete the remaining homework assignment for this unit, and prepare for the unit test, which will most likely be next week.

This Week in Astronomy
We will finish exploring the universe by examining black holes, supernovas, neutron stars, pulsars, galaxies, and other myriad cool topics related to the size, shape, behavior, and content of our universe. So rad. Expect a test by the end of this week or the beginning of next week.

Cool Science of the Week
For those of you who have subscribed to this blog all year, this is a repeat. However, in astronomy we have just had some cool discussions about the shape of the universe, namely that there is no “outside” and that it is finite, yet without an edge. Brain-numbing stuff! Here are the first two parts of a three-part series of short, fairly understandable videos explaining different theories about the shape of our mysterious home. (Part 3 isn’t released yet.)