Week of September 7, 2015

Happy Labor Day!

This Week in AP Physics
We will take our unit 1 test on Wednesday and will then begin unit 2 on two-dimensional motion. When assigned, please do unit 2 assignment 1. We will also complete a laboratory analysis of projectile launch range. This is fun, and you get to wear GOGGLES! (Yes!) Due this week: Your lab report on uniform versus accelerated motion. Be sure to refer to last week’s blog for details.

This Week in Physics
By Tuesday please take notes on Podcast 4 – Slope of Position vs. Time Graphs. We will go over this, do an online activity, and complete assignment 1 together in class. On the day after we complete assignment 1, there will be a quiz over the topics in podcasts 1-4 from unit 1. Also due on the day after we complete assignment 1: Please take notes on Podcast 5 – Introduction to Acceleration and Podcast 6 – Acceleration Signs vs. Velocity Signs. We will go over these, do an online activity, and complete assignment 2 together in class. This will likely take us into next week, particularly since this is a shortened week.

Cool Science of the Week (literally!)
It’s going to be HOT this weekend, so that ice cream cone you may eat will melt pretty fast, right? Not if Scottish scientists have anything to do with it! Biophysicists in Edinburgh have developed a way to keep ice cream from melting as fast by using a protein to bind molecules in the desert. Not only does this protein keep the ice cream solid longer, it also keeps it creamier, reducing the need for ice cream to have such a high fat content, and it could reduce energy costs, as ice cream could be stored at higher temperatures. This is a delicious example of the bridge between biology, chemistry, and thermodynamic physics!
At Salt & Straw, they believe in sweet and spicy. Their strawberry honey balsamic with black pepper ice cream flavor tastes exactly as you'd expect it to.