Week of September 14, 2015

It’s almost time for INTERIMS! Can you BELIEVE it!?!?

This Week in AP Physics
We will continue our work with unit 2 on two-dimensional motion by covering projectiles, doing assignment 2, and completing a lab activity. It is possible we will take our unit 2 test by the end of this week. Please remember that all tests are cumulative.

This Week in Physics
Note: There are corrections to this blog highlighted in red. We will continue to go over Podcast 5 – Introduction to Acceleration and Podcast 6 – Acceleration Signs vs. Velocity Signs and will complete assignment 2 & 3 together in class. On the day after we complete assignment 2 & 3, we will take a quiz over acceleration. Also due on that day are notes from Podcast 7 – Introduction to Kinematic Equations and Podcast 8 – Kinematic Equations Sample Problem. We’ll debrief those podcasts and will do assignment 4 together in class, followed by a quiz as announced. Time permitting, you may be asked to take notes on the remaining podcasts from unit 1. Expect a test next week. 🙂 NOTE: If you are in third period, your quiz over displacement and velocity is this Monday.

Cold Science of the Week
On this past Thursday, September 10, the US Coast Guard announced that its research vessel, Healy, had successfully reached the North Pole. In addition to practicing search-and-rescue missions and flying drones, researchers on Healy will conduct chemical analyses of arctic ice and water to assess environmental problems. Conspiracy theorists claim the researchers will also visit a certain special man in a red suit, but I don’t know if that’s true. You can follow Healy’s mission updates here and check out hourly photos here.