Week of February 1, 2016

This Week in AP Physics
We will finish unit 8 on Monday and take the unit test on Tuesday. Next we’ll heat things up with our unit on thermodynamics. Expect notes, classwork, a smidge of homework, and possibly a lab this week. Finally, the lab report for your Bernoulli’s experiment is due on Friday, February 5. (Remember that the hardcopy of your lab will be due at the start of class on the due date; an upload  is due to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 of that day. Remember to write using Google Drive and share your document with me at alhsgb@gmail.com…Note that I do not use that address for email correspondence. Be sure to use the lab document as well as the lab report writing guide and lab report rubric as you write.)

This Week in Physics
We will complete our unit on momentum by doing assignment 3 and then exploring the impulse-momentum theorem. Expect a quiz over elastic, inelastic, and totally inelastic collisions on the day after we complete assignment 3. For that same day, please take notes on Podcast 10 – Introduction to the Impulse-Momentum Theorem and Podcast 11 – Impulse-Momentum Theorem Sample Problem. We’ll go over these notes, complete assignment 4, and do an informal experiment on this theorem. Remember that your lab report for the Conservation of Momentum Lab is due on Thursday at the start of class. Details are in last week’s blog.

Cold Science of the Week
This is LITERALLY cool science that takes you on a “Snowflake Safari” to discover whether the old adage is true that no two snowflakes are alike.