Week of February 8, 2016

This Week in AP Physics
On Monday and into Tuesday we’ll continue to explore thermodynamics by examining the kinetic theory of an ideal gas with notes, practice problems, and homework. (We will also do an experiment on this topic as the week goes on. This lab report for this experiment will be due next week, as announced.) Later in the week we’ll cover the first law of thermodynamics and will do practice problems, homework, and an experiment. Expect a test by the end of next week. Be sure to use the extra resources on the unit webpage. 🙂 Next up: Electrostatics!

This Week in Physics
On Monday and Tuesday we will wrap up unit 5 (momentum) by finishing assignment 4 and doing an experiment. The unit test will be on Wednesday. Next up we will examine circular motion. For Thursday, be sure to take notes on Circular Motion Podcast 1 – Introduction to Circular Motion and Circular Motion Podcast 2 – Circular Motion Formulas, and for Friday please take notes on Circular Motion Podcast 3 – Formulas and Circular Motion Podcast 4 – Centripetal Force.

Cool Science of the Week
Scientists have recently found fossilized evidence of Jurassic “butterflies” from 150 million years ago. What’s so remarkable about this is that these critters were completely unrelated biologically to modern butterflies, yet they look almost exactly like them – right down to the eye spot on the wings! How weird is it that butterflies could develop TWICE?!? Also, these lacewings (not called butterflies because they’re not related to butterflies) didn’t drink nectar from flowers but, rather, drank nectar from nonflowering plants, because there weren’t even flowers yet! (Hard to think of!) Check out the similarity between the modern owl butterfly and the ancient lacewing in the photo below…Wow!
Butterfly and Lacewing