Weeks of March 21 and April 4, 2016

The end of third quarter is upon us! Before relaxing into spring break, please be sure to check PowerSchool for any missing or absent assignments. To receive credit on any outstanding work, you must turn it in by Tuesday, March 22 at 3:00. (Those who are currently absent may have more flexibility.)

This blog covers the few days we have before spring break (remembering that we have a reduced bell schedule on Wednesday for the spirit assembly and no school on Thursday and Friday) and the week we return from break. Have a healthy and safe one!

These Weeks in AP Physics
For Monday, March 21 please complete the final book problems for our electric circuits unit. On that day and beyond we will work on magnetism, covering four short topics and culminating in a combined unit 11/unit 12 test. Additional important note: Our SLO post-test will be Thursday, April 7. If you know you will be absent on that date, please make arrangements with me to take the test beforehand. If you are absent on the 7th, please be ready to take the test on the same day that you get back. I will give you class time to do so.

These Weeks in Physics
Our electrostatics unit test will be on Tuesday, March 22. Our next unit will be electric circuits. For the Tuesday after break, please take notes on Podcast 1 – Circuits and CurrentPodcast 2 – Resistance and Ohm’s LawPodcast 3 – Series Circuits, and Podcast 4 – Series Circuits Sample Problem. We will go over these, do an online activity, and do assignment 1 followed by a quiz on the day after we finish the assignment. When assigned, please take notes on Podcast 5 – Parallel Circuits and Podcast 6 – Parallel Circuits Sample Problem. Again, we will do an online activity and will then do assignment 2.

Cool Science of the Week
Going somewhere tropical over spring break? Alternately, want to feel passive aggressive satisfaction regarding those going somewhere tropical? Either way, you might find this Global Shark Tracker website fun and informative!

Shark Tracker

Week of March 14, 2016

There are only eight more school days this quarter, so be sure to check PowerSchool for any missing assignments and do your best on these last few tasks! Spring break is around the corner!

This Week in AP Physics
Your problem set on basic circuits is due on Monday unless you were on the chorale field trip to New York City, in which case your packet is due on Tuesday. Please remember to take time to build some of the circuits in the problem sets using the PhET DC Circuit Construction Kit. It helps a lot to see things in action. We will finish compound circuits and R-C (resistor-capacitor) circuits this week, which will wrap up our electric circuits unit. Up next: Magnetism! (Reality check: With the spring spirit assembly and talent show next Wednesday, we’ll only have two significant days together in the week before spring break. We won’t be ready to take a test before spring break. Expect the combined units 11/12 test during our first week back from spring break.)

This Week in Physics
On Monday we will quiz over electric force (except for third period, which will take the quiz on Tuesday.) On Monday we will cover the material in Podcast 4 – Electric Fields part 1 and Podcast 5 – Electric Fields part 2 and do assignment 3, followed by a quiz on the day after we finish assignment 3. Next we will do a terrific experiment. Be sure to take notes on Podcast 6 – Electric Potential Energy and Podcast 7 – Electric Potential Energy Examples when assigned, and expect a test before spring break.

Cool Science of the Week
You may have heard of the Google self-driving car. (Yes, there is a Google self-driving car!) Well, it ran into a little “oops” recently when it had a minor accident with a public bus in California. There’s a long way to go on this project, but with Congressional hearings on the issue and continued research, could driverless cars be in our future? (Remember, ten years ago no one had smart phones, so who knows?)

Week of March 7, 2016

We are two-and-a-half weeks away from the end of third quarter, so keep up your effort to finish strong!

This Week in AP Physics
Our electrostatics test is on Monday. Next we begin our unit on electric circuits, which I think you’ll find to be really fun! Your formal lab report for the electric fields lab is due on Thursday. For this lab only you can copy-paste the procedure, since it was already fixed for you due to safety precautions. If you are going on the chorale field trip but are in school on Thursday prior to our class period, you should turn in your lab before you go. (Remember that the hardcopy of your lab will be due at the start of class on the due date; an upload  is due to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 of that day. Remember to write using Google Drive and share your document with me at alhsgb@gmail.com…Note that I do not use that address for email correspondence. Be sure to use the lab document as well as the lab report writing guide and lab report rubric as you write.)

This Week in Physics
We will start the week by playing with ways to charge objects and doing assignment 1 followed by a quiz as announced. If you have not already done so, be sure to take notes on the following podcasts for Monday: Podcast 1 – Introduction to ChargePodcast 2 – Conductors, Insulators, and Charging, and Podcast 3 – Electric Force. After assignment 1 we’ll quickly examine electric force and segue into assignment 2 followed by a quiz as announced. When assigned please take notes on Podcast 4 – Electric Fields part 1 and Podcast 5 – Electric Fields part 2.

Cool Science of the Week
American astronaut Scott Kelly has returned to Earth after his historic “Year in Space” during which he lived aboard the International Space Station for 340 consecutive days. The main goal of his mission was to examine the effects of long-term space travel on the body. Scientists are now comparing Kelly to his twin, and they have found that Scott Kelly is now two inches taller than his brother! Now that he’s returned to Earth’s surface, where gravitational effects are stronger, his spine should compress back down to its previous height.

NASA astronaut Scott Kelly in the Cupola of the International Space Station with blue water of Earth visible through window