Week of March 14, 2016

There are only eight more school days this quarter, so be sure to check PowerSchool for any missing assignments and do your best on these last few tasks! Spring break is around the corner!

This Week in AP Physics
Your problem set on basic circuits is due on Monday unless you were on the chorale field trip to New York City, in which case your packet is due on Tuesday. Please remember to take time to build some of the circuits in the problem sets using the PhET DC Circuit Construction Kit. It helps a lot to see things in action. We will finish compound circuits and R-C (resistor-capacitor) circuits this week, which will wrap up our electric circuits unit. Up next: Magnetism! (Reality check: With the spring spirit assembly and talent show next Wednesday, we’ll only have two significant days together in the week before spring break. We won’t be ready to take a test before spring break. Expect the combined units 11/12 test during our first week back from spring break.)

This Week in Physics
On Monday we will quiz over electric force (except for third period, which will take the quiz on Tuesday.) On Monday we will cover the material in Podcast 4 – Electric Fields part 1 and Podcast 5 – Electric Fields part 2 and do assignment 3, followed by a quiz on the day after we finish assignment 3. Next we will do a terrific experiment. Be sure to take notes on Podcast 6 – Electric Potential Energy and Podcast 7 – Electric Potential Energy Examples when assigned, and expect a test before spring break.

Cool Science of the Week
You may have heard of the Google self-driving car. (Yes, there is a Google self-driving car!) Well, it ran into a little “oops” recently when it had a minor accident with a public bus in California. There’s a long way to go on this project, but with Congressional hearings on the issue and continued research, could driverless cars be in our future? (Remember, ten years ago no one had smart phones, so who knows?)