Week of April 11, 2016

With all of this snow and cold weather, why not wrap up in a blanket, drink some cocoa, and do some physics? Sounds good to me! 

This Week in AP Physics
1.) Study for the AP exam! Take half a unit a day, and it won’t be a huge burden.
2.) We will begin wave motion, sound, and optics (both physical and geometric.) This will take us through the next three weeks before the AP exams, which will take place on May 3rd and 4th (followed by a class party on the 5th and then some fun engineering projects!) In addition, please begin work on the modern physics packet using the podcasts located on our unit 16 webpage. Your unit 16 packet is due on April 25th. Your magnetism/electromagnetism packets 3 and 4 are due this Tuesday.
3.) Study for the AP exam some more. It’s worth it.
(Hang in there! You’re almost done! 🙂 )

This Week in Physics
When announced (either for Monday or Tuesday) you will take a quiz over the introductory electric circuits topics found in podcasts 1 and 2 and assignment 1. (You may also want to review virtual lab 1 on resistance and Ohm’s law.) If you are in 3rd or 6th/7th period, assignment 1 is due in class on Monday. Next we will do virtual lab 2. For the day after we finish virtual lab 2, please take notes on Podcast 3 – Series Circuits and Podcast 4 – Series Circuits Sample Problem. We will go over these and then do assignment 2 in class followed by a quiz on the day after we finish the assignment. Following this we’ll repeat the pattern by doing virtual lab 3 followed by Podcast 5 – Parallel Circuits and Podcast 6 – Parallel Circuits Sample Problem as announced.

Cool Science of the Week
All in a day’s work! Imagine being a bulldozer operator in Oklahoma and uncovering a mammoth skull! That’s what happened recently when digging in a sandpit on the site of an ancient riverbed. The skull belonged to a Columbian mammoth, a behemoth about twice the size of a woolly mammoth, from at least 11,000 years ago. How awesome!
The Columbian mammoth lived in North America during the Pleistocene epoch. It measured 13ft (4 metres) and weighed up to 10 tonnes. Its natural habitat included grassy landscapes (illustrated), compared to the woolly mammoth which preferred to live in the Arctic regions
Check out the size comparison to a modern elephant! Wow!
The mammoth skull found in Oklahoma held a single tooth in place.The discovery