Week of May 2, 2016

This Week in AP Physics
This is it! Study hard and, above all, relax and think positive thoughts. You’ve worked hard all year. Go in with confidence! 🙂AP Test Schedule

This Week in Physics
We will finish our unit on electric circuits by completing assignment 4 and will take the unit 8 test by the end of the week.

Cool Science of the Week
Earth Day was this past weekend, and to celebrate, the New York Times shared a story about the world’s oldest tree. Now, you may have heard of the sequoia trees in California’s Sequoia National Park. They’re famous for being very, very tall and extremely old, up to about 2700 years old! Amazing, right? Well, those trees are mere youngsters compared to the world’s true oldest tree, Methuselah, which is 4847 years old. Stop and think about that. That’s 3000 B.C., the Bronze Age. Stonehenge was just beginning to be constructed, and Mesopotamia and Egypt were just emerging as major civilizations. And Methuselah was born. Methuselah is a bristlecone pine that lives in Inyo National Forest in California. Park rangers will not disclose which tree Methuselah is in order to protect it from vandals and over-eager scientists. However, if you go to Inyo, you’re sure to see many trees that are many thousands of years old. Very cool.

This image is not Methuselah but is a different bristlecone pine in Inyo National Forest, California.