Week of September 5, 2016

Happy Labor Day! This national holiday honors the hard work and sacrifices of the citizens of the labor movement along with their contributions to our country.

This Week in Physics
Early in the week we will continue our experiment on uniform motion. At the conclusion of the experiment we will analyze our results together and draw conclusions. For the day after your group has collected and analyzed your data, your homework will be to take notes on the very short Podcast 4. (I will announce this in class so you know exactly when to watch that podcast.) We’ll then discuss the content of that podcast and will complete assignment 1 from unit 1 together in class followed by a quiz as announced. Next Tuesday and Wednesday (September 13 and 14) we will discuss how to write lab reports, looking at both the lab report writing guide and the lab report rubric, and we’ll use the Chrome Books to start writing. Your lab reports will be due on Friday, September 16, but please don’t start writing until we begin with the Chrome Books in class.
*Pro-Tip: One of your fellow students pointed out that http://www.wixsite.com/ allows you to create your own mini web page to organize your bookmarks for all of the websites your teachers give you. It’s free and easy to use. Maybe you’ll like it!

Cool Science of the Week
We discussed multiple dimensions in class this past week, but it sure is a hard thing to imagine for us four-dimensional mortals. This video helps make it a little clearer…. Of course, we can only prove the existence of four dimensions, but physics speculates that there could be many more!