Week of September 26, 2016

It’s the last week of September and the first full week of fall! Time is flying!

Please consider VOTING for our Marching Shoremen in the Best High School Band in Greater Cleveland contest! You can vote more than once (after a cooling off period.) We’ve moved up from 9th to 7th in a few short hours, so WE CAN DO IT!!! 🙂

Due to the special bell schedule and reduced class time this past Wednesday, we are repeating some of the things from last week’s blog because we did not get to them.

This Week in Physics
On Monday we will finish assignments 2 & 3 so that we can take a quiz over goal set 3 on Tuesday. Also for Tuesday please take notes on Motion in One Dimension Podcast 7 – Introduction to Kinematic Equations and Motion in One Dimension Podcast 8 – Kinematic Equations Sample Problem. Then for Wednesday please take notes on Motion in One Dimension Podcast 9 – Introduction to Free FallMotion in One Dimension Podcast 10 – Free Fall Sample Problems, and Motion in One Dimension Podcast 11 – Terminal Velocity. We will do assignment 4 toward the end of the week. Expect your unit 1 test early next week. NOTE: 11th period had the least class time with me last week due to the special bell schedule. You will follow these assignments one day behind the rest of the other classes. On Monday and Tuesday we will finish assignments 2 & 3.

Cool Science of the Week
In an interesting mix of chemistry, photography, and race relations, this video explains the evolution of the chemical composition of photographic film as companies have striven to correct an older bias toward light skin tones in pictures. Science plays a role in all facets of life!