Week of October 3, 2016

There are four weeks left to first quarter…Let’s keep going strong!

This Week in Physics
By Monday please be sure to take notes on Motion in One Dimension Podcast 9 – Introduction to Free FallMotion in One Dimension Podcast 10 – Free Fall Sample Problems, and Motion in One Dimension Podcast 11 – Terminal Velocity if you have not already done so. On Monday, Tuesday, and (possibly) Wednesday we will finish up our examination of the kinematic equations and free fall and do assignment 5 to prepare us for our  unit 1 test, which will be Wednesday or Thursday. Please read the following additional assignments for each class period:
1st period: We will take a quiz on Monday over the kinematic equations. Do not memorize them but be prepared to apply them to analyze problems. Anyone who didn’t finish assignment 4 in class should do so for Monday.
4th period: Same as 1st period
8th period: Anyone who didn’t finish assignment 4 in class should do so for Monday. Our kinematics quiz will be Tuesday.
11th period: Same as 8th period

Cool Science of the Week
Did you know that if you’re of European, Asian, or Middle Eastern origin, science says that 2% of your genes likely come from Neanderthals, and this makes you (and me) genetically less “fit”? Our Hominid relatives the Neanderthals (of which scientists say we have a common ancestor but are on a separate branch of the evolutionary tree – i.e., we are not evolved from Neanderthals) had about a 40% weaker genetic fitness than Homo sapiens (humans) due to many maladaptive genetic mutations. This lack of fitness likely led to the eventual extinction of the Neanderthal species. However, they interbred with Homo sapiens (us), essentially weakening the genetic makeup of the human species for today’s humans of Non-African ancestry. Neanderthals didn’t live in Africa, so humans of African ancestry did not experience this interbreeding and are therefore considered more fit genetically. These results were published this past June by the Genetics Society of America. Disclaimer: The results shared here are from scientists and are shared because this is a science-based educational website. All views of the creation of humans, including alternate views, are to be respected in my classroom.

Neanderthal man…looking for love in all the wrong places