Week of November 14, 2016

This Week in Physics!
First, let’s talk about the lab report, which is due on Wednesday.

  • Use our writing guides to organize and create your reports properly: Lab Report Writing Guide and Lab Report Rubric
  • The following document sums up the debrief we did in class regarding the lab. You can use it to guide your writing: Human Cannonball Lab
  • As always, you must write while logged onto you Google account on a shared Google Drive document. You must share your document with me as an editor. Use this email address: burgessm@alstudent.org.
  • As always, you must upload your lab report to TurnItIn.com by 3:00 on the day the lab is due (Wednesday.)

Now onto the rest of the week…
By Monday be sure you’ve taken notes on Podcast 2: Friction. We will discuss this podcast and then do assignment 2 together followed by a quiz on the day after we do the assignment. Next we will perform the Friction Lab. This will take us toward the end of the week. If announced, please take notes on Podcast 3: Elastic Force.

Cool Science of the Week
How can there be a lake, nicknamed the Jaccuzi of Despair, under the Gulf of Mexico? Density, of course! About 100 feet wide and 12 feet at its deepest, this dense brine liquid contains such a lethal does of salt that anything that accidentally swims into it dies a painful death. 🙁 The liquid that makes up the lake is so much denser than the salt water above it that it has sunk almost 4000 feet to the bottom of the Gulf. (P.S. Animal lovers, don’t worry…The fish makes it!)