Weeks of December 19, 2016 and January 2, 2017

This entry covers the entire rest of the semester except for exam week. Please be sure to check PowerSchool for any missing assignments.

These Weeks in Physics
We are a smidge behind last week’s plans due to the snow day on Thursday (squee!) Therefore on the day after your class finishes assignment 1, you will have a quiz over learning goal set 1. Also due on that day are the notes from Podcast 2: Work-Energy Theorem. We will then do  assignment  2 together in calss. On the day after your class finishes that assignment, you will have a quiz over learning goal set 2. Also due on that day are the notes from Podcast 3: Conservation of Mechanical Energy. This will lead us up to exam week. NOTE ON THE MID-TERM EXAM: It is comprehensive and will cover all material from units 1-4. Your learning goal packets are your study guides. If you’ve lost your goal packets, you can find them posted at the top of each unit webpage. Suggestion: Start reviewing a little – just a little – now. You’ll thank yourself later. 🙂

Cool Science of These Weeks
Coming out on January 6 is a new movie called Hidden Figures (Rotten Tomatoes 95% score) that tells the amazing story of three African-American women mathematicians who were pivotal in launching John Glenn on his historic mission to orbit the globe, catching the U.S. up in the space race with the Soviet Union in the 1960s and thrilling the nation. The story has historical twists in that the women worked in a segregated part of NASA and received virtually no recognition until this fall when the movie (and the book upon which it’s based) started getting recognition – including Oscar buzz! (See last week’s Science of the Week for information on John Glenn.)