Weeks of January 9 and January 16, 2017

Congratulations on nearing completion of your first semester of physics! That’s an amazing accomplishment! This blog post covers exam week and the following week. Note that there is no school on Friday, January 13 due to a teacher work day, and there is no school on Monday, January 16, as we observe Martlin Luther King, Jr. Day.

These Weeks in Physics
You will take your exam during the class period of your main physics class (not your lab period.) The schedule is below.  The exam is comprehensive and will cover all material from units 1-4. Your learning goal packets are your study guides. If you’ve lost your goal packets, you can find them posted at the top of each unit webpage.

For Tuesday, January 17 please take notes on Podcast 3: Conservation of Mechanical Energy. We will go over this in class and will then do assignment 3 and a the Conservation of Energy Lab.  Finally we will do a short topic, power, followed by assignment 4 and then a quiz over both goal set 3 and goal set 4, as announced. This will almost certainly take us well into the week of January 23.

Cool Science of these Weeks
You may remember that when you were back at Troy (or whatever school you went to in fifth or sixth grade) there was a massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake in Japan that destroyed the country’s Fukushima nuclear power plant, leaking large amounts of radioactive material into the Pacific ocean. Last month scientists announced that the radioactive material, cesium-134, has finally reached America’s coast, showing up in Oregon’s waters and beaches. The levels are fairly low and don’t pose an immediate threat to life or the environment but caused significant damage in the region where the earthquake and leak originally occurred. What do you think about the use of nuclear power in earthquake-prone regions?