Week of January 30, 2017

This Week in Physics
For Monday (first period and eight/nine periods) or Tuesday (all youze other people) please take notes on Podcast 1: The Law of Conservation of Momentum from unit 5. We will go over these together and will then complete assignment 1 in class, followed by a quiz on the day after we finish. This will be a bit of a disrupted week due to the spirit assembly and other conflicts, so stay tuned in class for further instructions and assignments.

Cool Science of the Week
In last week’s CSotW entry we mentioned climate refugees. A climate refugee is a person whose homeland becomes uninhabitable due to the effects of climate change. For example, Isle de Jean Charles in Louisiana will soon be flooded with seawater beyond the point of habitability. Rising sea levels allow salty seawater to infiltrate soil and groundwater, causing plants to die and making agriculture impossible. It also “poisons” sources of drinking water with salt. Moreover these coastal areas are more susceptible to the stronger storms that come along with climate change. Some island countries are facing complete elimination as all of their livable land disappears. For example, the island nation of Kiribati used its remaining resources to buy land from Fiji to relocate their entire country. One of the most heartfelt problems faced by climate refugees is the loss not only of their property and economic stability but also the loss of their entire culture as people leave and move into the wide world. What solutions can you think of to help climate refugees?