Week of February 6, 2017

This Week in Physics
We will complete assignment 1 & 2 on momentum and will take a quiz on goal set 1 when announced. Next up we’ll analyze system momentum experimentally by doing the Conservation of Momentum Lab. If/when announced, please take notes on PODCAST 2: Types of Collisions – The role of kinetic energy.
The Conservation of Energy Lab is due on Thursday. A hard copy is due at the start of class, and an upload to TurnItIn.com is due by 3:00 on that day. Use our writing guides to organize and create your reports properly: Lab Report Writing Guide and Lab Report Rubric. As always, you must write while logged into your Google account on a shared Google Drive document. You must share your document with me as an editor. Use this email address: burgessm@alstudent.org.

Cool Science of the Week
In honor of our snow day, here’s some LITERALLY cool science that takes you on a “Snowflake Safari” to discover whether the old adage is true that no two snowflakes are alike.