Week of March 13, 2017

There are just two weeks left to this quarter, so be sure to check PowerSchool for any late or missing assignments.

This Week in Physics
On Monday we will finish discussing material from podcasts 1 & 2 from our circular motion unit and will complete assignment 1 together in class through Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. On Tuesday we will take a quiz over the concepts and calculations of frequency and period. On Thursday (or as announced) we will take a quiz over circular motion. When announced please take notes on PODCAST 3: Gravitation & Planetary Orbits. Expect the unit test by next Wednesday, March 22 at the latest. The End-of-Course “SLO” test will take place on the following Wednesday, March 29. Please begin reviewing your goal packets and notes from unit 1 through 6.

Cool Science of the Week
Check out this beautiful archived visualization from NASA of our ocean currents. Turn your sound on and zen out 🙂 Perpetual Ocean