Week of April 3, 2017

This is the second week of fourth quarter. Spring break begins at the end of next week.

This Week in Physics
By Monday please take notes on everything from Unit 7 PODCAST 1: Introduction to Electrostatics, Conductors, Insulators, and Methods of Charging (Friction, Conduction, Induction, and Polarization). We began these notes in class on Thursday and Friday, but no class finished them. Therefore please watch the podcast to take the remainder of the notes for Monday. In class on Monday and Tuesday we will do some charging activities and will then complete assignment 1 in class followed by a quiz over learning goal set 1, as announced. When announced please take notes on PODCAST 2: Electric Force (Coulomb’s Law). We’ll discuss this and will then do assignment 2 in class followed by a quiz over learning goal set 2 as announced. If time permits, please take notes on PODCAST 3: Electric Fields if announced.

Cool Science of the Week
With climate change on many people’s minds, a lot of people are looking forward to advancements in solar power technology. Boy, does Tesla’s Elon Musk have a cool new way to make your home energy independent (“off grid”): Solar roof shingles! Imagine having your entire roof become a solar panel while still looking like a regular roof. Pretty cool! Video link