Weeks of May 1 and May 8 2017

The week of May 1 will be a significantly shortened week due to state testing and AP testing. We will likely only have the equivalent of two quality days together. 🙁 Therefore this entry covers a two week span.

These Weeks in Physics
By now everyone should have taken notes on PODCAST 4: Electric Potential Energy, Electric Potential, and Potential Difference. We will finish going over these and will then do assignment 4. During the week of May 8  we will complete the amazing Electric Fields Lab and will then take the unit 7 test. We’ll then do our Cedar Point orientation – fun fun! 😀

Cool Science of these Weeks
NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson made history last week by spending more days in space than any other American astronaut. At the time of this writing, she has spent a total of over 538 days in space over the past fifteen years!

Week of April 24, 2017

There’s still over a month of school left to enjoy! Let’s keep going strong!

This Week in Physics
For Tuesday please take notes on PODCAST 3: Electric Fields. We’ll go over this in class and will then do assignment 3 (followed by a quiz, as announced) and the Electric Fields Lab. When announced please take notes on PODCAST 4: Electric Potential Energy, Electric Potential, and Potential Difference.

Cool Science of the Week
Did you know plants have their own internet? Thin threadlike fungi that grow underground connect the roots of multiple plants, sometimes over vast distances, and allow the plants to send each other nutrients as well as warning signals. Weak seedlings are helped to survive by the shared nutrients, and plants that receive warnings of impending diseases or pests begin early immune responses to protect themselves.
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Week of April 10, 2017

Welcome to a very short week at ALHS! There is no school for juniors and seniors on Monday due to testing, the talent show bell schedule will be in effect on Thursday, and spring break begins on Friday. In essence, we have 2.5 days to get some stuff DONE! 🙂

These Two Days in Physics
We will work on assignment 2, will do extra practice with Coulomb’s law if needed, and will take a quiz over  learning goal set 2 on Coulomb’s law. Good times!

Cool Science of the Week
Going somewhere tropical over spring break? Alternately, want to feel passive aggressive satisfaction regarding those going somewhere tropical? Either way, you might find this Global Shark Tracker website fun and informative!

Shark Tracker