Week of September 11, 2017

On Monday we will have a special bell schedule to allow us to participate in an important presentation in observance of 9/11. In addition, we will have a special bell schedule on Wednesday, September 13, as the juniors will take a practice PSAT.

This Week in Physics
On Monday (and possibly Tuesday) we will complete assignment 1 from unit 1 together in class, so please be sure to bring your textbooks. (Note: 8th period has this assignment DUE on Monday.) On the day after we finish this assignment, we will take a quiz over learning goals sets 1 and 2. (Note: 8th period won’t have this quiz until Tuesday.) We will then begin to experiment with accelerated motion as we explore learning goal set 3. To prepare for this, please watch Podcast 3: Acceleration by the date announced in class, most likely Tuesday or Wednesday. Time permitting we will work on assignment 2 from unit 1, but this may carry over into next week. 

A hard copy of your lab report for the uniform motion lab is due at the start of your class period this Wednesday, September 13. All documents needed to write the lab can be found in last week’s blog entry. 

Finally, every student needs to add this class to her or his TurnItIn.com account by Tuesday at the start of your class period. The class ID and enrollment key are below. We will discuss in class how you should use the website. (Don’t forget to check out the Cool Science of the Week below.)

Cool Science of the Week
As the Western Hemisphere deals with so many horrible and tragic hurricanes, you can track the winds with this real-time
world wind map and this United States wind map. Both are pretty amazing.