Week of September 25, 2017

We are fully into the last half of first quarter, so be sure to pay attention to PowerSchool to check that your assignments are complete and up-to-date.

This Week in Physics
For Monday complete Goal Set 3 in your goal packet. We will go over this and take a quiz over these goals by the end of the period on Monday. For Tuesday take notes on PODCAST 4: Kinematic Equations and Free Fall but stop at 8:52 (where the topic of free fall begins.) We will go over this on Tuesday and Wednesday and complete assignment 3 together in class, followed by a quiz, as announced. When announced please take notes on the remainder of Podcast 4.
NOTE: For 8th and 11th periods…Follow these instructions except that your Goal Set 3 quiz will be Tuesday.

Cool Science of the Week
As icebergs melt and break apart due to climate change, researchers standing on the ice can feel vibrations under their feet. They have recently recorded those vibrations and realized that the icebergs are making sounds! Played at high speed, the sounds make a strange, eerie music. Listen here!

Close Look at a Crack on Larsen C
The rift in this iceberg is about three football fields wide and runs all the way through to the bottom of the iceberg. When it finally breaks off, it will be the size of Delaware.